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                THE QUALITY OF LIFE
                  ? ? ? ? Guangzhou Gold Room Crown Building Materials Technology Co. , Ltd. is a product research, development, production, sales as one of the integrated enterprise, the main production and processing sales of roofing color stone metal tile. With the development of the market and the need of production, we are constantly improving and innovating on the basis of the original products, pursuing the low-carbon environment-friendly products, while strengthening the internal management and perfecting the structural adjustment, excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service, widely praised in the industry. With modern production base and many stable domestic and foreign partners, the company's products for its superior performance and elegant taste for the majority of customers, products sold at home and abroad. The enterprise relies on science and technology, people-oriented, scientific management, constantly enrich product structure, integrated modern marketing model, adhering to the“Quality assurance, customer first” business philosophy, actively create environmental construction...?
                  Acceptance Phase
                  ?Evaluate the budget
                  The client consults with the designer about the style, cost and cycle of the home decoration design
                  From the designer to the client proposed decoration of the room for on-site survey, and a comprehensive survey, design...
                  ?According to the design style selected by customers, designers carry out home decoration design, and according to customer feedback, the final design...
                  By customers, designers, project supervision, construction responsible for the four parties involved in acceptance inspection...
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